Employee Benefits

When it comes to advancing your career, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the experience, education and support you need as you move into business management. Plus, you’ll want to see a clearly defined career path and know that the harder you work, the faster you move along.

Star Pharmacy are also very proud of their Emerging Pharmacist Pipeline Program that has been specifically developed for all interns and Pharmacist Manager which may lead to partnership opportunities. We are currently in the process of adopting a similar pipeline program to Retail Managers and Business Development Managers.

Star Pharmacy Group have a range of benefits that they offer their employees including:

Star Pharmacy Group Wants Their Employees to Succeed

At Star Pharmacy Group, we understand what it’s like starting your career and wanting to progress to the best you can be. So no matter where you’re at in life, we are here to help you grow and achieve the best that you can be.

We have a very strong network of mentors to help every employee to achieve their personal and career goals and provide extensive training across the business to help individuals achieve

8 Reasons Why Having a Mentor is Important

  1. Prospective & Experience
  2. Think Outside the Box
  3. Define and Reach Long-Term Goals
  4. Accountability
  5. Trusted Colleague to Discuss Issues
  6. Expand Your Contacts & Network
  7. Open Doors
  8. Inspire

Star Pharmacy Group’s Directors Stan Kontos & Peter Gardiakos have a passion for mentoring and created and established their own successful mentoring business SOL Results with two other successful business professionals.

A Clear Pathway to Seeing Your Name on The Door

Most Pharmacists in the Star Pharmacy Group are on a path to their goal of owning their own store and having their name on the door. If that’s a goal for you too, then Star Pharmacy Group can help you reach it faster and give you the lifestyle and financial freedom you are seeking. If you have what it takes, your career could progress from Intern to Owner-Manager within 3 years.

We’ve got the Experience

With over twenty years of pharmacy experience, Star Pharmacy Group has more than one store model and knows all the secrets of the pharmacy business. We have group buying power that can instantly boost your gross profit and a strong alliance with suppliers with access to high-margin generics ensuring your pharmacy has a reputation for value in your area.

We grow

Through extensive on-the-job learning, training courses and coaching, we’re continually improving our skills and services so that we can ensure our customers’ expectations are always exceeded.

Our training and development includes:

Numerous general career support initiatives and tools

We offer various sources of support – such as regular development discussions, training courses, on-the-job coaching and exposure, new vacancy listings, talent reviews, self-discovery tools, tips and hints resources, induction programs, career models and mentoring opportunities.

Tertiary study assistance

We recognise and understand the importance of tertiary studies and offer the opportunity to obtain study support (and for up to 100% financial assistance) as well as flexible leave to complete studies that will help you grow and develop your career for now and the future.

Professional memberships

If you want to maintain a professional status, Star Pharmacy Group may help by providing assistance for certain professional memberships.

We are flexible

  • We offer both part-time and full-time employment opportunities in a variety of roles without Star Pharmacy Group. We work towards a balanced lifestyle, to help you juggle your work and personal commitments where possible.
  • We offer a supportive environment that provides training opportunities both on and off the job.
  • We offer and encourage internal promotional opportunities.
  • We work with our staff to get the best from them and achieve the best that we can.
  • We offer a structured internship program and Pharmacist Manager Emerging Leadership pipeline program to help you achieve the status that you are looking for.
  • We are currently developing suitable pipeline programs for Retails Managers and Business Development Managers.
  • We have SOL Results which offers motivational speakers and learnings from outside the Pharmacy industry.
  • We have a number of Leave Without Pay options when looking to travel overseas for personal development.
  • We reward and recognise our Managers with quarterly incentives.
  • We recognise our great stores and staff outstanding achievements.

These are just a small number of benefits that you can have if you are successful in joining Star Pharmacy Group.

Star Pharmacy Group offers a generous Staff Discount Policy for all employees.

Are you looking for a new and exciting career?