Employee Benefits

Star Pharmacy Group is committed to providing you with a rewarding career, with great employee benefits and opportunities to grow and develop.

When it comes to advancing your career, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the experience, education and support you need. Plus, you’ll want to see a clearly defined career path and know that the harder you work, the faster you can progress.

Star Pharmacy have developed the Emerging Pharmacist Pipeline Program that has been specifically developed for interns and Pharmacist Managers. This program is built from the ground-up to develop Pharmacists, equipping them for future partnership opportunities.

Not only are we committed to developing pharmacists, we are also in the process of adopting a similar pipeline program for Retail Managers and Business Development Managers.

Just another reason to start your career with Star Pharmacy Group!

See below for a few of our employee benefits:

We support that.

Trying to do great things is difficult. Trying to do them alone is, more often than not, impossible. That’s why all great leaders have mentors. At Star Pharmacy our programs will gently develop you beyond your comfort zone, expose you to new possibilities and set you up for success.

We have a very strong network of mentors to help you achieve your personal and career goals while providing extensive training across the business to help individuals achieve the best versions of themselves.

We support that.

We provide clear pathways for profit sharing and ownership. Giving you the lifestyle and financial freedom, most pharmacists strive for. From Intern to Pharmacist Manager to Pharmacist Owner, this trajectory is within your reach in as little as 3 years at Star Pharmacy.

Our model is supported by over 20 years of pharmacy and industry experience. Star Pharmacy Group has the group buying power and strong alliance with suppliers with access to high-margin generics ensuring your pharmacy has a reputation for value in your area.

We support that.

Through extensive on-the-job learning, training and coaching, our focus is to continually improving our skills and capability allowing the Group to remain relevant and customer centric.

Programs include:

  • Ongoing development – we offer various sources of support, including regular development discussions, real time feedback, training courses, on-the-job coaching and exposure, internal recruitment opportunities talent reviews, professional and personal assessments, induction programs, career models and mentoring opportunities.
  • Tertiary study assistance – we recognise and understand the importance of ongoing development
    and want to invest in you by offering generous financial assistance and flexible leave to complete further education.
  • Professional memberships – it is important to us that you maintain a professional status, Star Pharmacy Group will provide assistance for certain professional memberships.

We support that.

  • Flexible work hours –  casual part-time, full-time employment opportunities for students, interns, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, retail managers, dispense technicians and a variety of National Office roles.  We support a balanced lifestyle, to help you juggle your work and personal commitments where possible.
  • Training – We offer a supportive environment that provides training opportunities both on and off the job.
  • Promotion – we are continuing to grow which allows us to offer and encourage internal promotional opportunities across three states.
  • A structured internship program and Pharmacist Manager Emerging Leadership pipeline program to help you achieve the status that you are looking for.
  • Professional Development – we invite you to SOL Results breakfasts to hear interesting, inspiring and world class presenters to broaden your perspectives.
  • Flexible payment terms – including leave without pay options when looking to travel overseas for personal development and cashing in your annual leave and LSL entitlements.
  • Bonuses and incentives – paid in addition to above award salary package
  • Individual, team and store rewards – we recognise and reward our great stores and employee outstanding achievements.

We support that.

  • We give back – we support numerous charities such as the Starlight Foundation
  • We have FUN! – The best themed Christmas parties you have ever seen, conferences, team sports, team building days, lunches, award nights and much more!

We support that.

Star Pharmacy Group offers a generous Staff Discount Policy for all employees as part of our employee benefits.

Are you looking for a new and exciting career?