Trac Hoang

Trac Hoang

Multi-Store Owner

Name: Trac Hoang

Title:   Multi-Store Owner & Pharmacist Manager

Store: Hampstead Road Chemmart


Graduated UniSA 2005.

Start pharmacy career as a Locum Pharmacist for the Noel Allen Pharmacy group. As a locum, I got to experience many aspect of community pharmacy which was both good and bad.

No two community pharmacies were the same as each other. Each had their good points and bad points. However, I was grateful for the experience as it allowed me gather all the good points and avoid all the bad points when I was appointed manager of Hampstead Road Chemmart.

Why did you join Star Pharmacy Group?

SPG has a major focus on developing pharmacists into great pharmacists. SPG has a mentoring program for all pharmacists to help them with their day to day duties and to help them grow into what they want to become later in life; whether that may be pharmacy owner, or pharmacist mangers etc. To me, continual growth is important because it prevents pharmacist from getting bored.

How long have you been working with Star Pharmacy Group?

Since 2009

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I get paid to put stickers on boxes…

What are the benefits in working for Star Pharmacy Group?

Your position in Star Pharmacy Group is not just a “title” but a responsibility. As a pharmacist in charge/manager/owner, you have the ultimate control over the running of your pharmacy and you have the help of Stan or Peter or one of the other Multistore Owners to help if you need them.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Don’t come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution” – Henry Ford

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