Employee Testimonials



Noora Ferdosian

Pharmacist Manager

I am so thankful to Star Pharmacy Group for giving me the opportunity to work in what I think is the best pharmacy in Australia. It is thanks to the group’s positive team culture and innovative vision that I am able to grow both professionally and personally. I love going to work everyday and am really loving being part of the Star team.

Joseph Tran

Former Pharmacist Manager

Working with Star Pharmacy Group has been the biggest learning experience in both my pharmacy career as well as my personal development. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to manage Hollywood Discount Chemist (formally Hollywood Plaza Pharmacy), despite not having any prior managing experience. During my time with Star Pharmacy Group, I was surrounded by an amazing network of support from the directors Stan and Peter, my Multi Store Owner Trevi and a great team at the National Support Office who were always willing to spend time to teach and assist me. I found that the main difference between Star Pharmacy Group and the other pharmacy groups that I have previously worked for, is that in addition to the support and guidance provided to help develop me as a manger, my mentors also ensured that I was taught the importance of working towards a balanced life. I am very grateful for the amazing opportunity and experience and would highly recommend Star Pharmacy Group to anyone who is motivated, open minded and wanting to learn and grow in all aspects of their lives.

Pierre [retouched shirt]_ no background

Pierre Wassef

Former Pharmacist Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Star Pharmacy Group for allowing me to manage Firle Discount Pharmacy for the past two years. When I first started I not only had no managerial experience, but no experience as a pharmacist whatsoever, being fresh out of my intern year. Stan, Peter and Lien put their faith in me to manage the store and were there to support me every step of the way. It was a fantastic time for me. I not only learnt from all the other managers extensive experience but also developed as a person in the process. Through the trust and mentoring provided to me at Star Pharmacy I was blessed enough to be voted Pharmacist of the year with the group. What an experience!


Pooi-Leng Wong

Jason Wong

Pharmacist Manager

I would like to genuinely thank Star Pharmacy Group for the ongoing support over the last 4 years. Despite having minimal work experience in the pharmacy industry in the beginning, I was fortunate to be given an intern position at Arana Hills Discount Drug Store (now known as Arana Discount Chemist) in QLD. From there, I was trained to become a competent pharmacist with enormous support. In a year’s time, Stan, Peter and Lien let me manage a store at Narangba. From that point, like how they value all other members in the group, they never stopped investing time and resources in shaping me into a better person at work, personal life and business. The mentoring offered by the CEO, Tim Payze, and the owners always kept me highly motivated and enthusiastic in pursuing my personal and business goals. I have picked up enormous amount of skills and have earned profound vision from the mentors. I am sure the skills will continuously benefit me in different aspects of my life. It might have been serendipity when I joined the group initially but I definitely had a wonderful time there and it was such a great honour to have worked with the great and professional people in the group. I would certainly recommend anyone, who is passionate about the pharmacy industry, to join such fantastic group and I am sure you will not regret your decision.

Pooi-Leng “Leng” Wong

Pharmacist Services Manager – SA

“I think what sets Star Pharmacy Group apart from other groups is our vision and drive to succeed. Working with SPG has not only allowed me to become a better pharmacist but through the mentoring and goal setting programs, I have also grown tremendously as a person. There is always a huge network of support, whether it be the National Support Office, or even Stan, Peter and Tim themselves. Somebody will always be there to pick up the phone and help, and you are never alone. If you are driven and are looking to grow, I would highly recommend Star Pharmacy Group!”

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